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Vegetable Pulao

VEGETABLE PULAO.        (Low -carb, Grain- free,
Vegan friendly )
Vegetable pulao, which is one  rice dish made with different vegetables, with many variations. The dry spices like bay leaf, cinnamon, cloves  gives a classic aroma to this dish and gives  this rice a unique taste and flavour.
In this blog, I gave  a detailed  and easy to make no grain low carb vegetable pulao , prepared with riced cauliflower and vegetables with dry spices. This is low carb, keto friendly too if you stay in your daily macros. Once in a while ,one can include carrots, green peas in their meal plan.

Preparation Time: 15min
Cook Time : 15 min

 Riced cauliflower- 150 gm  [check out keto rice or cauli-rice recipe in my  recipe blog ]

* Carrots -cut into 1/2inch long - 60gm 

* Green peas-30gm[optional ] 

* Onion-thinly  sliced -50gm 

* Green chillies-2

* Fresh mint - handful (chopped finely)

* Clove-2

* Cinnamon-1inch 

* Bayleaf -1

* Ginger garlic paste -2tsp 

* Coconut oil  or Ghee or Olive oil-3tsp 

* Coconut butter -1tbsp(if, vegan )or  Amul butter -15gm 

* Salt -to taste 

1. Heat a nonstick pan , add   oil ,   Biryani Spices(clove, bayleaf, cinnamon), then add thinly sliced onions, green chilli.. Once the onions turn translucent , add ginger garlic paste , cook  till the raw flavour of ginger garlic goes. 
2.Add chopped mint leaves and cook for 2minutes .
3.Add carrot, green peas, to the above . Cover it with a lid  and cook till the carrots are cooked till fork tender soft.















4.Then add salt  and cook for few minutes. Once carrots are cooked , add the riced cauliflower and  stir. Cover and  cook for  few minutes  on low flame.

5.At the end, add butter to up the fat content . 









6. Serve hot with raita of choice.​












Note : If using frozen riced cauliflower, I would suggest to microwave the frozen cauli rice for 2-3 minutes with lid on , before adding into any keto rice dish. ​​
Nutritional Info: Per serving
Energy: 79 cal.
Fats: 7.5  gms.
Saturated fats: 2.27 gms.
Carbohydrates:1.82 gms
Sugar: 0.43 gms.
Fiber: 1.1 gms
Protein: 1.95 gms.
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