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KETO RICE.(Vegan,Lowcarb, Grain- free )
We indians love Rice, and rice dishes, as we were all grown up with this staple grain.over a period of years,With increase in refining and processing of rice grains, the nutritive values are diminishing, lose of fibre,and we are just left with starch portion of the grain,  which is allowing us to binge more. 
 If you are on keto diet or low carb diet,  you must be craving for rice based meal in your daily diet, it'expected.
In this post , i have given  detailed instructions about how to make keto rice or cauli rice or riced cauliflower. cauliflower  is the  one basic ingredient  you need to fulfil your cravings for  rice. SO, IN KETO DIET CAULIFLOWER IS  OUR RICE GRAIN. 
Info:Preparation Time: 25min
Things you require

Cauliflower : 1 head: cut into  florets, cleaned in warm water.

Food processor or Mixie jar or Hand grater.

Muslin cloth or cheese cloth

  •  Cut the cauliflower into florets and wash with warm water.
  • Once washed,  transfer into a pan of hot water.
  • Keep a lid and leave it aside for 10-15minutes.. 
  •  After 15 min, using a  colander, remove and drain all the water . 

  • In a food processor , use grater attachment  (I ,prefer to use small grater attachment) to get a rice grain look . 

  • If  you dont have a food processor, you can use any mixier jar or hand grater.

  • If using mixie jar, I ,recommend  to use PULSE mode to make this rice, otherwise, this becomes into paste. 

       (Morphy  Richards blender with chopper attachment does a fair job for this                cauli- rice.)​​​

  • Once the  cauli rice is grated, transfer into a muslin cloth  or cheese cloth  and squeeze out all the water  (This step is very important )

  • Once the water is squeezed out ..  transfer the same into an airtight jar ..  or use  it immediately for any rice based recipes . ..

       This riced cauli will stay upto 4 days in refrigerator .

  • Use this riced cauliflower to make your  keto  upma , keto poha , keto curd rice , keto jeera rice , keto fried rice ,  biryani , pulao .. keto tikki , cauli crust for keto pizza....  Etc . what not..

        the world is your oyster, create your own recipes with this simple riced cauli 

        and stay in ketosis. 


Nutritional Info:  250 gm of cauli rice
Fats: 0.25  gms.
Saturated fats: 0.08 gms.
Net Carbohydrates:7 gms
Fiber: 6.2 gms
Protein: 4.95 gms.
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