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Pumpkin soup

Some recipes should be kept simple as nature intended them to be, and in my opinion pumpkin soup is one of those dishes.
Beyond its delicious taste,its highly nutritious with many health benefits. Its packed with anti- oxidants,  great source for vitamin -A, fiber, and minerals.
A slice of low carb gluten free bread toast ,as a side, takes this soup to  next level. 
Recipe Info
Serves : 4
Preparation Time: 10 min
Cook Time: 25 min.
pumpkin 1.jfif
  • Pumpkin : 600 g

  • Coconut milk: 200 ml

  • Ghee/Butter :  3 Tbsp

  • Salt: as per taste

  • Pepper -2 tsp

  • Water : 350 ml .

  • Finely chopped coriander -1/4 cup


Peel the  pumpkin and cut into big cubes.

(  For Halloween pumpkin or winter squash variety, it's better to peel before making soups or puree.

If, using the Dark green skin  variety,  you can  include  peel , as it  has good amount of antioxidants, potassium, and fiber.)  


Add  water , and pressure cook for 2 whistles...


Once it is cooled, use a stand  blender or transfer into a mixer jar,  blend till smooth consistency . 

In a  boiling pot , add ghee , salt, pepper ,  pureed pumpkin , adjust water as per required  consistency . This soup tastes good if its thick, instead of runny .


Bring this  to boil, switch off the flame,  and add coconut milk. Close it with  a lid for few seconds.. 
Remove the lid , stir well, garnish with  fresh  coriander or spring onions .

Note: can  substitute with fresh cream / whipping cream ,instead of coconut milk, if not vegan. One can  also skip adding ghee, if  vegan.
Nutritional Info Per serving
Energy: 197 cal.
Fats: 16.77 gms.
Saturated fats: 6.8 gms.
Carbohydrates: 12 gms
Sugar: 2.04 gms.
Fiber: 0.9 gms
Protein: 2.03gms.
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