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 Keto , Low carb, Gluten free. 
Recipe Info
Makes: 8 pieces
Preparation Time: 5 min
Cook Time: 20min.

Almond powder :1/4 cup (  Blanched, OR, whole almond flour)

Baking powder:1/2tsp

Salt : pinch

Ajwain -or carom seeds :1/4tsp 

Saunf or fennel powder:1/4 tsp 

Stevia: 1 TBSP

Egg: 1 

Ghee: 1/2 TBSP or olive oil -1/2 TBSP.


Mix all the ingredients in a  bowl and transfer into a small rectangle or square shaped microwave safe  bowl .. 



Microwave it for 1.5-2minutes. 

 Remove it from the bowl and cool it on a wire rack for 20minutes.( It looks like a cake at this stage )

Now , slice this cake into desired thickness.. ( the shape of the microwave safe bowl is important to get the rusk shape . So its preferred, to use a  rectangle or square shaped microwave safe container.

IN OTG : Preheat at 140 c 

Bake these slices at 140 c  for 20 -30min or till golden brown and crunchy .



Preheat at 110c for 2 minutes and bake for 15-20minutes by placing it in the middle portion of airoven , bake  till golden brown and crunchy .

cool it completely before serving.

serve  with a cup of  masala tea[ diary / diary free tea]

Notes:1. The lower the temperature setting of oven or airfryer,  with the longer the time,  it takes for the rusk to get the  desired crunchiness.[slow baking is the key forthe crunchiness]
 2.with Higher  temperature setting, rusk tends to get burnt and left you with less crunchiness. 
Nutritional Info Per serving
Energy: 33cal
Fats: 2.39 gms.
Saturated fats: 0.4 gms.
Carbohydrates: 0.9 gms
Sugar: 0.18 gms.
Fiber: 0.4 gms
Protein: 1.32 gms.
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