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Sweet Pongal

        Keto/ Low carb
Sweet pongal is a delicious south indian festive desert dish made with rice, lentils and sugar/jaggery and ghee. This one is the keto version of the same, It is as delicious as the original version. You certainly will not miss your rice based sweet pongal  during festivals anymore, when your rest of the family members were relishing on rice based sweet pongal.
Inspired by @ magicinmyfood.
sweet pongal keto.jpeg

Preparation Time: 20 min
Cook time : 20 min
Serves: 4

Step 1


🍯Ghee 1 tsp

🍯Almonds chopped 10g

🍯Dry coconut flakes 15g 

🍯Cardamom powder 1 tsp


Step 2

🥣Caulirice or riced cauliflower - 150g

🥣Cottage cheese/paneer crumbled 100g

🥣Ghee 2 tbsp

🥣Stevia as per taste . 

🥣Fresh cream ( amul )-100g

🥣Edible camphor a pinch (optional)

🥣Fresh black pepper powder 1 pinch (optional)


Step 1


🥣In a non stick kadai, heat 1 tsp Ghee and let it melt.

🥣Then add the chopped almonds , saute  until light brown and crisp.

🥣 Now add the dry coconut flakes to it and saute for few seconds( it just takes 10sec, as dried coconut gets burnt very fast , if leave it unattended. )

🥣 To this add the cardamom powder ,mix it thoroughly, transfer this mixture in a bowl and keep it aside.


Step 2


🥣In same nonstick pan, add ghee , and heat till it melts.

🥣To this add the cauli-rice and saute it for 1-2 minutes on medium flame, till the rice cooks soft. check out recipe section for how to make cauli rice.

🥣Then add around 50-100ml water to the cooked rice , cover and let it cook for few minutes.( Note: Cauli rice has to become soft for this  recipe).


🥣 While the rice is cooking, take a mixer jar, add paneer / cottage cheese and pulse it  to make a coarse grind paste( Donot add water while blending ), this way the pongal gets a creamy smooth texture.

🥣Once the water is 3/4 evaporated, add the ground paneer paste to the cooked rice, saute it on a medium flame for few seconds... i.e around 30 sec ( Donot over cook  from this step onward as, the fats from paneer gets released )

🥣Then  add cooking cream and mix well.

🥣Now add stevia or erythritol or monkfruit sweetener  and mix it thoroughly, and  cook for few seconds, until this mixture  is thickened.

🥣Let it cook for few seconds, until this mixture  is thickened.

🥣At the end, add the prepared garnishing of step 1, keeping a bit aside for topping.

🥣Mix it thoroughly.

🥣Switch off  the stove.

🥣Top this with  black pepper powder 

🥣Add  a pinch of Edible camphor and cardamom powder, which is optional, this gives a nice flavor to this desert. 

🥣 Garnish  with  fried almonds and coconut flakes before serving.

Nutritional Info: per serving

Energy: 198 cal
Fats: 17.9 g
Cholesterol: 22.5 mg
 Net Carbohydrates: 5.25 gm
Fiber: 1.45 gm
Protein: 4.97 gm
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