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Rava dosa

Vegetarian Keto -Friendly [Gluten- free], Eggless
Crispy rava dosa and its variations , one of the favourite  breakfast food item for almost every south indian. Its usually made with rice flour, semolina flour, maida. 
As a diet watcher, its tough to decide to binge on these traditional rava dosas . 
In this post, I am giving the detailed instructions for easy to make grain -free rava dosa, which any one can have it guilt free . It does not take much time to prep the batter, as you already have these basic ingredients in your pantry, if you are following a low carb / keto lifestyle . Recipe courtesy @ magicinmyfood.
Recipe Info

Makes -4   medium sized dosas, Serves 2

Preparation Time: 10min
Cook Time: 15 min.

Almond flour -20g

Flaxseed powder -10g

Psyllium husk- 5g

Grated Mozarella Cheese  -20g

Onion -30g

Cumin seeds -1tsp

Coriander-1/4 cup

Ginger -  Green chilli  paste -1tsp   [coarse grind 1 inch ginger, 2 green chillies ]

Water- 1 cup [200ml]

Olive oil/coconut oil -4tsp 

salt as per taste.

  • In a  mixing bowl , add  all the  ingredients mentioned  except onions, coriander, oil. 

  • Now add water slowly, till   you get a medium flowing paste. 

  • Heat a non-stick pan or a dosa tawa. 

  • Once the  tawa is  hot, sprinkle some onions over the tawa .













  • Take around  a table spoon of  batter, and sprinkle  over  the onions.[ Its preferred to use your finger tips to sprinkle the batter, as this helps in spreading the batter all over the tawa.  Donot spread the batter, as the  cheese, psyllium husk in the batter helps in spreading . [pre heating  your tawa  too, is important for this step ]

  • Drizzle oil over the dosa. 

  • Let this cook for 8-10 mins on a slow flame. 











  • Once the edges turn brown, slowly  scrape the edges all around  and transfer this rava dosa on a serving plate.  

       Serve  with coconut  chutney or green chutney. 

This batter will make 4 keto Onion Rava  dosas.[serves 2]
















Nutritional Info: Per 2 dosas
Energy: 389 cal.
Fats: 34.9 gms.
Saturated fats: 5.54 gms.
 Net Carbohydrates:7gms
Fiber: 6.2 gms
Protein: 10.59 gms.
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